Parents and educators generally know that environmental factors affect children negatively. But what exactly are these factors? We need to pinpoint them, if we are to protect the family. A vague idea of these attacks against the family will not suffice to correct the family’s deteriorating situation today.

By explaining thousands of subtle attacks, and by explaining how the family should really be according to human nature and God’s plan, SAFE allows parents and their collaborators in Church and society to understand better the difficulties families face today.

True enough, human weakness and defective social structures contribute to their problems. But many other difficulties are caused by programs intentionally designed to weaken the family, and implemented, so to speak, right under our noses. Knowing their mechanisms will let families defend themselves and counterattack.

Family and Life apostolates, parishes, schools, organizations and other entities multiply the effectiveness of their existing programs once they identify and manage the subtle attacks against the family, when they are no longer held back by these formerly unseen obstacles. SAFE resource persons, experts in their respective fields, come from the different sectors of society (mass media, health sector, education, law, community organizing, advocacy, business, poverty alleviation, livelihood programs, etc.).


SAFE draws inspiration from His Eminence Jaime L. Card. Sin’s Pastoral Letter, Subtle Attacks against Family and Life (of July 9, 2001). Different organizations and ministries have adapted SAFE, including the Archdiocese of Manila (though its Ministry on Family and Life), which has produced introductory videos on the seven SAFE modules:

(Watch the videos by clicking on the links above. The seven videos contain the same 5-minute introduction,  before going into the specific topics.)


SAFE-IT (Introductory Training) may be organized in your area or organization in the private, government or Church sectors: schools, offices, diocese, parish, company, government office, community… It is also held regularly at St. Michael Retreat House in Antipolo, Philippines. It

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